Reducing Homelessness

Recognizing the link between homelessness, mental health problems, and drug addiction, we should allocate resources to improve access to first-rate mental health care and substance abuse treatment, rehabilitation services, and job training. We must require beneficiaries of these services to actively participate in the programs and be committed to their own recovery, and the state must collect data to measure the effectiveness of our efforts to guide further public investment and improve services.

Unleashing the State’s Economy

Whether the issue is housing or the rising cost of living, the economy does better when government gets out of the way and lets citizens innovate. We should decrease restrictive regulations to spur innovation, streamline permitting procedures, relax zoning laws, and reduce taxes and fees to encourage economic growth and private investment.

School Choice, Parental Choice

School choice plays an important role in fostering competition, innovation, and accountability. We must continue to advocate for expanding educational options such as charter schools, magnet schools, and voucher programs. By giving parents the power to choose the best educational setting for their children, we can help ensure students receive an education tailored to their needs. We advocate for greater transparency in all schools so parents can participate fully in their children’s education.

A Return to Public Safety

All Californians are entitled to feel safe at home, work, school, and in places of worship. Victims of crime should be supported and we should work to rehabilitate incarcerated individuals so that, once released, they can successfully integrate into their communities. We must prioritize public safety, restore and maintain a professional and accountable police force, and enforce the laws already on the books.