DeLuz Endorsed by San Juan Unified School Board Trustee Manuel Perez
March 2, 2024

Sacramento, Calif. — March 2, 2024 — Citing Craig Deluz’s strong commitment to school choice, San Juan Unified School District Trustee Manuel Perez announced today he has endorsed Craig DeLuz for U.S. Congressional District 6.

“Craig has always been a champion for parental rights in our education system,” Perez says. “As a school trustee, I witness first-hand the frustration parents feel when their values are not reflected in the classroom. Craig fundamentally understands this, and when elected, will champion for expanding educational options such as charter schools, magnet schools, and voucher programs.”

Perez also cited DeLuz’s experience on the Robla School District Board, where he has served as president for 10 years and led the charge to transform Robla campuses into state-of-the-art facilities preparing students for jobs of the future. A strong proponent of STEAM education, DeLuz has worked alongside educators and parents to create programs that help students achieve practical skills and education that focuses on academic principles, not social engineering. 

“I am so honored to receive Manuel’s endorsement,” DeLuz says. “As a fellow board of education trustee, he and I face the same challenges and work tirelessly to ensure that children in our districts get the education they need to succeed in higher education and in life. We also believe that competition creates stronger and better schools. School choice plays a vital role in fostering that competition, leading to innovation, and most importantly, accountability.” 

DeLuz strongly believes that parents should “have the power to choose the best education setting for their children so they can have the best educational setting tailored to their needs.” 

He also advocates for greater transparency in all schools, so parents have opportunities to fully participate in their children’s education.  

Perez joins other leading school board trustees in endorsing DeLuz, including Tanya, Kravchuk, San Juan Unified School District; Jon Fenske, Dry Creek School Board; Jean Pagnone, Dry Creek School Board; Jason Walker, Dry Creek School Board; Nuvia Cardona, Robla Unified School District; Jen Laret, Folsom-Cordova Unified Schools, and Stacey Bastian, Twin Rivers Unified School Board 

DeLuz has more than 30 years of experience in politics and has served as a legislative staffer in the California State Assembly with an extensive history as a media professional, policy analyst, and grassroots activist in the Greater Sacramento region. 

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